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Talk to an Expert
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Request a Solar Design

Solar Design Form


Form Submitted

Review Submission

The information gathered in this form allows our team to efficiently and effectively design a solar array to meet your needs. If we need clarification after receiving the form, we'll reach out prior to proceeding with the design.

Design Layout

We use specialized design software to access aerial imagery of the property. This allows us to access the home or structure for roof or ground mount layout and account for trees or other obstructions that would cause shading issues.

Design Layout

Estimate Savings

Once the optimal layout is determined, we input utility rates and the estimated energy consumption of the home. This gives us an estimate of how much homeowners can save once the array is installed.

Send to Installer

At this point, we've calculated a production estimate for the system, a shade report that details the layout, and, if enough information was provided, a savings estimate. Now, we select appropriate materials and pass this on to an installer with all other relevant documents.

Send to Installer

Design Provided to Installer

Our Design Services team should have this process completed within 5 business days or less.