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Supplied Energy provides the tools to create energy-efficient, net-zero capable homes and buildings.

While we distribute heat pumps, water heating products, plumbing, power products, and communication systems to installers and contractors, we provide a variety of solutions and services for drillers/loopers, home and building owners, developers, builders, architects, engineers, and electric utilities.  Our goal is to make electrification at scale more accessible. So, how can we help you?

Our Service Categories

  • Distributor
  • Development Energy Partner
  • Retail Sales
  • Design Services
  • Third-Party E-commerce Product Fulfillment
  • Training
  • Renewable Energy Planning
  • Piping Fabrication
  • Geothermal Feasibility

Who We Serve

  • Installers
  • Developers
  • Loopers/Drillers
  • Online Wholesalers
  • Home & Building Owners
  • Electric Utilities
  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Engineers

HVAC, Water Heating, Drilling/Looping, Plumbing, and Power Products Installers

Installers need a partner, not just a provider. We distribute heating and cooling products and accessories, water heating products and accessories, related plumbing products, ground loop pipe and piping fabrication, and power products, like solar PV systems, EV chargers, and more. If you install only one or multiple of these products, we’re here to provide you with well-vetted products, qualified sales leads, training resources, design services, and an online, easy-to-access product purchase experience.

learn more about our retail sales program, look into upcoming training, or reach out for help designing your next job.
  • Energy-Efficient Products
  • Sales Leads
  • Training Resources
  • Design Services
  • Piping Fabrication
  • Geothermal Feasibility


Residential and Commercial Developers for Net-Zero Homes and Buildings

Developers looking to create zero-energy capable or net-zero capable homes and buildings face several challenges. What products best suit the needs of the project? Who’s qualified to install these systems? How do all the systems work together cohesively? Is it possible to build sustainable homes and buildings on a realistic budget? Supplied Energy is the development energy partner you need. We listen to your needs, formulate plans with specific products included, and manage installers to ensure you’re only working with the best, all while keeping the budget in check.

Find out which products we carry, learn more about our 4-step approach, or schedule a time to chat with us, whether you’ve already broken ground, have half the development complete, or are just getting started.
  • Products for net-zero capable home & buildings
  • Design Services
  • Installer network & management
  • Geothermal Feasibility
  • A 4-step solution to energy efficiency

Home or Building Owner Looking for Energy Independence

Building or renovating a home or building that’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable may feel like something that’s difficult to achieve, but with our 4-step guided approach and information on payment plans, that’s not the case. We’ve got resources so you can learn more about your options, installers nearby, and ongoing support to ensure the job is done well and performs long-term.

Reach out to request resources, let us find an installer near you, or request a quote for your project.
  • A 4-step solution to energy efficiency
  • Learning center with free resources
  • Installer network
  • Ongoing support



Builders, Architects, and Engineers Specializing in Net-Zero

While we don’t always get to work directly with builders, architects, and engineers, we aim to be a resource because each profession is key to the success of an energy-efficient, net-zero capable home or building.  We provide training, design services, and connections that cultivate knowledge and relationships in this industry that could be of benefit to you.

Reach out to learn more about our upcoming trainings or send us a few details regarding your next project – we might just be able to help You achieve your clients’ goals.
  • Relevant trainings for the net-zero community
  • Design Services
  • Geothermal Feasibility
  • Install Network
  • A 4-step solution to energy efficiency