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Supplied Energy

A Team dedicated to electrification


Our Purpose

Supplied Energy started because...

We have a strong background in geothermal heat pumps and power products. We wanted to extend our knowledge and offer a service that gives contractors, home and building owners, and developers a guided opportunity to achieve goals associated with all-electric structures. We understand how different energy-efficient, power generating, and storage products fit together to achieve net-zero capable homes and buildings and wanted to simplify the process. 

So, we built Supplied Energy.

What we do for you



We distribute the products you need for zero-energy capable developments. But, we're more than that. We're essentially a general contractor for integrating clean energy solutions.



Let's grow your HVAC, solar, and/or plumbing business together. We offer the products, knowledge, in-depth training, and sales and marketing tools and resources to support you in every way.



Building energy-efficient homes sets you apart from the others. We'll connect you with the right products, installers, and other stakeholders that will benefit your projects.


Home and Building Owners

Building or renovating a home can be overwhelming. We provide simple, educational resources to help you make decisions around heating and cooling, solar, and energy storage solutions. Plus, we can put you in touch with local, reliable installers.


Drillers and Loopers

We are a driller and looper’s turnkey solution for geothermal ground loop fields and more. If you can draw it, we can make it. As a leader in large-scale ground loop design and installation and piping fabrication, we’ve got the experience, training, products, design assistance, and labor you need to get the job done right. 


Electric Providers

Power companies and electric co-ops face challenges we provide solutions for. We'll help you incorporate clean energy into your electric portfolio and offer ideas to incentivize users to invest in all-electric homes and buildings.


Supplied Energy Team


Kyle Smith


Kyle is passionate about all things clean energy. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he guides our customers and team toward offering the right products and solutions for zero-energy capable homes and buildings.


John Pocuca

HVAC and Energy Transfer Sales Director

John sat in our customers' shoes – literally. With a professional history that includes owning an HVAC business, John acts as far more than a salesman and point-of-contact. His unique insight can help grow our customers' businesses through product knowledge and operations insight.


Travis DeBlois

Product Manager

With a robust background in mechanical systems, Travis quickly gets to the bottom of how energy-efficient technologies operate and fit together to create a whole home and building solution, sourcing the best in products for our customers.


Valerie Smith

Sales Operations Manager

From project fulfillment to finding new opportunities, all while serving our existing customers, Valerie keeps our sales operations running smoothly. Valerie executes or finds solutions for almost every customer request. Got something that needs done right and done quickly? She's your go-to person.


Andre Buquoi


Andre keeps operations running smoothly, making sure you get what you need, where you need it, and when you need it all while providing the highest level of customer service. With many years of industry experience, there isn't much that Andre hasn't found a solution for.


Emily Dowell

Operations Manager

As an oversimplification, Emily keeps our team in line (and keeps us sane). With the ability to wear many hats and juggle tasks efficiently, Emily maintains our online store and works on projects that keep ease of use for the customer in mind when it comes to our processes and operations.


Dillon Heitzig

Warehouse Operator

Dillon is in charge of everything that comes in and goes out of our warehouse. He coordinates to get customers the product they need, when they need it, how they need it, and makes sure the proper equipment, like a skid steer, is included on deliveries.


Ralph Moore

Inside Sales

When the phone rings, Ralph is typically the guy to answer. Whether it be fabrication design, order entry, delivery, or ongoing customer support, Ralph is here to help our customers' businesses grow.


Aimee Hoffmann


Aimee's strengths lie in anything related to organization, detail, data analysis, and problem-solving, all of which she puts to excellent use as part of our accounting department. Whether it's invoicing or billing, Aimee makes sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed.


Harrison Buck

Outbound Sales

As a passionate environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast with a background in geotechnical project management and environmental consulting, Harrison's goal is to provide solutions and tools for widespread energy independence with minimal carbon footprint.


Christopher Seifried

Solar Designer

Chirs makes solar and storage installation a breeze with designs personalized for each project requested. By filling out a simple form or answering a few questions, Chris provides customers with a solar and/or storage design to meet the needs of home and building owners.


Kimberli Seger

Sales and Operations Support Specialist

If you call, email, or fill out a form on our website, Kimberli makes sure you get the information or person you need quickly. She's the keeper of quotes, sales orders, and shipping details to ensure our customers get the product they need for each order or project.


Eric Eyman

Operations Specialist

If you utilize our job site delivery service, then Eric is the guy you'll get the pleasure of meeting. Eric gets products from point A to point B efficiently and effectively, placing product for projects exactly where customers request.


Mallory Fohne

Business Development Manager

Mallory's goal is to create opportunities and content for Supplied Energy and our customers that promote and educate people on the heat pump and power products industries. From generating sales tools to overseeing quality of our team's work, Mallory looks for ways to grow our partnerships.


Mike Kelly

Inside Sales

Mike and geothermal heat pumps are synonymous with one another. He'll evaluate your project, recommend the best product, and ensure that installation is just the start of the relationship.


Valerie Klenke


Valerie's accounting experience covers all things from sales tax to payroll. With quick wit and great organizational skills, Valerie ensures the numbers side of our business is done well and done right.


Erik Fohne

Supplied Energy Services

There aren't many hats Erik hasn't worn at Supplied Energy, and now Supplied Energy Services. As a customer of Supplied Energy, you can experience the sales, design, and installation perks Supplied Energy Services offers so you can spend more time where it's most impactful to you.

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With Geo-Enterprises, Supplied Energy gains territory and talented personnel to combine proven methods from industry experience with new techniques and service offerings. This powerful combination results in Supplied Energy being the distributor that meets HVAC, solar, plumbing, drillers, loopers, and developers' evolving needs.

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