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Supplying Reliable, Efficient, Sustainable Energy Solutions

Partner. Solutions and services provider. Distributor. Trainer. Resource. 

Supplied Energy is here as a distributor, solutions-provider, and partner, offering what you need to sell energy independence, net-zero (or even net-positive) capable homes and buildings. With our solutions, you get a choice in how you achieve energy independence with as much or as little input from our team as you'd like.

We distribute heat pumps (mini-splits/air source and geothermal), solar energy products, power storage, backup solutions, EV chargers, and more electric-based solutions.



1. Tight Envelope

We recommend a combination of spray foam and cellulose insulation to achieve air-tight homes and buildings, keeping unwanted elements out and heating, cooling, and better air-quality in.


2. Heat Pump

With a tight envelope in place, install a heat pump, which operates using electricity, to heat and cool efficiently. We will help you identify the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective options.


3. Solar Energy

Proper insulation and a high-efficient heat pump make the energy load as low as possible. This allows for the installation of a solar system that covers 100% or more of the energy load.


4. Batteries

Invest in energy storage to live net-zero and/or off-grid. Batteries serve as a generator alternative, which eliminates the need for fossil fuels, no matter the conditions.


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Our Brands

We work with leading manufacturers and offer only the best products. With their support, we create a customized solution for your home or building, tailored to meet your needs and goals.



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